"I was so afraid to tackle my taxes. Lacy made the whole process painless and simple."

After avoiding filing my 2013 taxes for three years (because I knew I owed a lot of money to the IRS), Lacy efficiently and competently handled all the necessary paperwork and communication and even managed to save me a few dollars! I will never trust my taxes to anyone else. Hire her immediately.

"After befriending Lacy, I quickly decided that come tax time, she would be the only person who I would feel comfortable handling all my tax questions/ burdens."

It was the toughest year of my professional life - Being laid off from my long-term company, going on unemployment, and starting my own photography business, that I KNEW I needed someone who could handle my chaotic taxes.

Lacy took all my fears and apprehensions away when she told me that my tax situation wouldn't be that complicated after all. Several hours later, after sending her all my paperwork, she someone created a masterpiece from what I thought to be simple PDF file attachments, and finally put me at ease by wrapping up all my tax needs and I was able to go to bed that evening happy as a kid at a birthday party.

"Having been frustrated with previous tax preparers, I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with Lacy and her professional services."

Lacy has been preparing my corporate and personal taxes. I always feel welcome, taken care of, and at ease from the first time we meet to the day taxes are filed. Professionalism, trust, and the knowledge that everything is done right makes Lacy a keeper. I highly recommend her!

Lacy Italiano is an amazing tax professional

My mother lived in the Veteran’s home & had her taxes done by volunteers (as a service to our Veterans). I could never understand why my mom always owed more money – she was having plenty of taxes taken out of her pension. Finally, I was able to convince her to let Lacy look at it. I always knew my taxes were in the best hands with Lacy & what she did for my mother confirmed that. Lacy found many of the deductions my mom was entitled to were not being taken, and they didn’t even bother to file her state taxes. Lacy was not only able to file the state taxes for refunds, but also re-filed several years’ worth of my mother’s federal taxes & got her a significant refund for each year.