What is the Client Portal?

Have you ever used Google Docs? How about Dropbox?

Well, the Client Portal that we use here at Italiano Tax Solutions is quite similar to other online document portals. The program we use, is made to protect your documents and your identity. This means that when you upload documents to our Client Portal, you won’t have to worry about the risk to your Personal Identification Information.

Depending on how you would like to fill out this years forms will determine how you upload them to the Client Portal. You will either fill the form out on your computer or scan them and upload them into the Client Portal. It all depends on whether you want to print the documents and write all of your information in or just type it in.

The Client Portal also allows you to sign documents when they are ready to be signed and filed. So we will be able to simply send you an email with the documents to be filed.

Finally, this will allow you to have access to your documents whenever you want/need access to them. Say you need your latest tax return, but you lost the hard copy that you were given. Then it’s as simple as logging into the Client Portal and finding the documents you need.

Filling out the Forms On the Computer

Well, if you don’t have Adobe on your computer with access to fill out .pdf forms, we believe the following option is the best choice to fill out documents on your computer.

Please go to DocHub and create a free account to edit the forms that you can find here on our website.

Have you Completed all of Your Forms?

Get your documents to our office in a secure and easier way! Upload them to the client portal, which will allow my office to see the documents immediately on a secure platform.

Don’t want to use the Client Portal? Please contact the office for more options on how to get your documents to the office.

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